Are Balloon Garlands Easy to Make?

Decorating your party space with balloons is a sure way of setting a festive mood, whether it’s a kids’ party or a party for adults or even a more formal event like a grand opening or an office party. Depending on the choice of colors and the type of balloon decoration, you can complement a wide variety of party events.

Balloon garlands aren’t that difficult to make, but they are time consuming. Making a small garland of about 40 balloons will take you about half an hour, and anything larger will logically take longer. A 10 foot-long garland will take you about 60 balloons.

You’ll want to make sure you get some non-sticky tape with holes in it, also known as balloon tape, which you’ll use to bunch the balloons together. Also get a good balloon pump, preferably electric, fishing line, and a couple command hooks.

Once you’ve got all these things, blow up all the balloons you’re using with the electric pump. Remember you’re going to want to use a variety of colors and sizes, which colors is completely up to you. Once you’ve done that, tie all the balloons together in groupings of four. We’re going to call these groups “quads.”

Next, take the first quad and loop the fishing line around it. Continue and attach all the quads to the fishing line. Then use scotch tape or glue dots to attach your garland to the space you want it to be andyou’re done!

If this sounds a little complicated, there are lots of balloon decoration professionals that can get this done in no time and with perfect quality, like Balloon Arch San Diego.